Nespresso, a brand known for its luxury single-serve coffee, and Mood Media have a relationship spanning 30 countries and dating back more than a decade. When the company set out to revamp its flagship store on Regents Street in London, Mood was a natural fit. Nespresso’s updated in-store content features brand messaging reflecting their goal: to transform a simple cup of coffee into an act of sophistication. It also allows their customers to learn about the coffee varieties and products available for purchase.

In addition to Nespresso’s global broadcast of Mood music programming via a Bose audio system, the company added a significant visual dimension to its customer experience, including several new features at the flagship boutique such as a stunning, curved LED wall, a 65” touchscreen and six 26″ LCD screens, all powered by the MVision platform.

Back on 1st July 2014, as one of the main sponsors, Mood & Nespresso co-hosted the launch party for the Customer Exchange Experience for Retail, a special event featuring Mood Media International President Claude Nahon, who was invited to share an update on how today’s customer shopping experience has drastically changed. He encouraged those in attendance to embrace a multichannel approach to experience design like Nespresso has accomplished there so well. Claude’s presentation highlighted a few trends they should employ to achieve a well-connected retail space: attractive window installations, interactive touchscreens, mobile integration and overall immersion in the brand experience. Representatives from about 40 retailers attended (including Michael Kors, Nike, Burberry and Tesco).